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 Rye Air Field

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PostSubject: Rye Air Field   Fri Jan 30, 2009 12:05 pm

OK, anyone who is interested in hitting up Rye Airfield next week let me know....Monday Feb 9 at 5pm.

This started with a need to get Liam in there with no one else around...both for him, and as a courtesy to the throngs of riders who shouldn't have to watch for a 4 year old on a 16" bike. So a few of our neighbors with kids Liam's age and us got together and are renting it out. Trying to get around 15 folks...we have 9 or so now. This way it will be $20 a head. If we get more, then the cost per person will go down as a result. More than a normal session there but again, we'll have the place to ourselves. The kids tend to stick to one area so no worries for the advanced riders as there is plenty of room.

Please let me know email pm me here.
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Rye Air Field
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